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Assassin Snails for Tropical Aquariums (Clea Helena). You will receive 2 snails, about 10-20mm long. They can grow to about 75mm (Please do check the second picture which shows a good example of what you will get.) These are young adults, about 6 months old and they should live for at least 2 years. They are very striking with a striped yellow and dark brown appearance. They are primarily carnivorous and will clean up any other snail infestation given sufficient time and numbers. They will obviously reproduce themselves but generally not at a difficult rate to manage. They won’t eat live plants so will need a high protein diet, such as bloodworms, if there are no snails to eat. They prefer a large tank with a suitable substrate in which they can burrow; roughly 5 per 10 gallons is about right. Temperatures up to 25 degrees, pH levels of 7 to 8.5, hard water and good calcium levels are ideal conditions. Please do research your other tank inhabitants to ensure compatibility and do remember to carefully acclimatise these new snails. Please note, they may well appear very sluggish or even not move for as much as a day or two, but usually we find they are obviously active within an hour. We dispatch by 1st Class Royal Mail and post Monday to Thursday to avoid potential weekend delays. Snails are carefully packaged but should they not arrive safely please let us know and they will be replaced.

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