Advance Dog Food Atopic Care 12kg


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ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS OMEGA 3 (EPA Y DHA) Helps reduce inflammation and clinical signs of atopic dermatitis.
LIINOLEIC ACID (Ω-6) Reduces the loss of transepidermal water causing xerosis and improves the appearance of skin and coat.
ALOE VERA Helps maintain the optimal level of lipids in the epidermis and the integrity of the skin barrier.
OLIVIER SHEET EXTRACT Contributes to anti-inflammatory action and also to maintain the skin healthy.
SOURCE OF NEW PROTEINS: TRUIT AND POTATO PROTEINS Reduces the risk of adverse reactions to foods that may result in atopic dermatitis. COLLAGENE PEPTIDES Contributes to better healing and decreases skin inflammation. ZINC AND Yeast Helps regenerate the skin, coat and protect the epidermal barrier function.


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