algova Mealworms dried – Natural insect food for ornamental fish, birds, reptiles, turtles, hedgehogs, pond fish (10kg)



🌿 SUSTAINABLE FOOD Mealworms are a sustainable feed with a great future. They contain high-quality protein that is easily digestible by most animals. The mealworms are fed with plant and fruit residues. This allows these insects to be produced in a particularly resource-saving and climate-friendly way. They are therefore an excellent alternative to less sustainable protein sources such as fish meal and soya.
☀️ FREEZED DRYED AND FILTERED Thanks to gentle and precise freeze-drying, i.e. drying at low temperature, many valuable ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins are preserved. In addition, the mealworms are intensively filtered from feed residues and substrate so that an end product with high purity is achieved. Thanks to their low density, the dried larvae are an ideal floating food for many species of fish and turtles.
🐟😋 HIGH-ENERGY BITS Biomass from mealworms should not be missing in animal feed. They are particularly rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids. With more than 500 kcal per 100g and a high fat content, dried mealworms are a sustainable source of energy. Small quantities are already sufficient to satiate their animals. This natural food is a welcome change in the diet of most fish and turtles.
🐟🐢🐦 FOR ORNAMENTAL FISH, TROUT, BIRDS The natural product mealworms are especially suitable for ornamental fish (angelfish, betta, cichlids, cichlids, cichlids, guppies), pond fish (koi carp), gold fish, gold orfes), crustaceans (Amano shrimps, land crabs) and reptiles (turtles, bearded dragons), birds (sparrows, tits, quails). It is recommended to use mealworms as supplementary food and to feed them several times 1-2 times a day as much as is eaten within a few minutes.
📦 SERVICE AT FIRST STATION algova is a German company that puts the delivery of a product of the highest quality first, without forgetting affordability. We place particular emphasis on ecologically sustainable products. We work close to our customers and are always interested in sustainable and open customer service. In case of dissatisfaction with the product we offer 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!


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