BreathEazy AeroDawg Dog Inhalation Chamber with Flow-Vu Dog Asthma Inhaler – small –



Deliver medication to your furry friend: The BreathEazy AeroDawg dog aerosol chamber allows you to provide inhaled medications to treat a range of conditions such as chronic bronchitis, by targeting the airways directly.
Avoid side effects from pills: Using a dog inhaler mask produces fewer potential side effects than using an oral or injected medication, making it a preferred method of treatment for veterinarians. The soft non-stick masks go on gently without pulling hair.
Easy to use: Most canines will learn to use their inhaler chamber, even the grumpy ones, and it is far easier than trying to feed a dog a pill. Avoid wastage, the anti-static chamber prevents electrostatic charge-related loss of medication to the walls of the chamber.
Flow-Vu indicator: The indicator moves as your dog breathes to help provide assurance of correct use and medication delivery. The Flow-Vu indicator helps owners to ensure a proper mask seal, count the number of breaths and a visual assurance of proper use. Also includes a low resistance valve for better medication availability.
Available in a range of mask sizes to suit dogs of all shapes and sizes.


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