Hygger Aquarium Air Pump, Ultra Silent


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SUPER SILENT – Ultra whisper quiet, Minimum 33dB. Hygger air pump is driven by a piezoelectric ceramic plate, totally different from traditional electromagnetic air pump, No EMI, No motor, No shaft, no vibration inside, which makes it one of the most silent aquarium air pumps ever made
LOW POWER CONSUMPTION & HIGH EFFICIENCY – Power consumption of this oxygen pump is only 1.5W, with air flow 450ml/min, power lead length: 100cm, Aquarium pump with standard UK plug, it features low power consumption and high energy saving, perfect for aquariums with capacity up to 50 litres
HIGH-EFFICIENCY AIR STONE – Oxygen air pump is stable performance, is ideal for small and medium-sized fish tank plus oxygen. With a good air stone, puts off a nice spread of bubbles at a pretty good pace, which will makes your fish, betta or shrimp love it
COMPACT, CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE – Slim profile design, light weight, portable and space saving – It is easy to install, requires no additional tools and can be attached to any place you like in seconds
COMES WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED – Accessories Includes Air Pump, Air Stone, Silicone Tube, Suction Cup and Clips, User Manual. One invest, get all you needed. If you have any problem, our customer support team is always standby.


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