South American Biotope Mixed Aquarium Plants Box for 200L Tank (48 Pots)



HEALTHY & ROOTED – 5cm diameter pots which are rooted, healthy and ready to be shipped. We don’t supply cuttings which makes these aquarium plants very different to other suppliers.
SHRIMP SAFE – completely safe with shrimp and all fish. No need to rinse before hand either as they’re ready to go.
GROWN IN EUROPE – because all of our plants are grown in Europe, no pesticides are ever used. This means they’re completely safe for your aquarium.
READY TO SHIP TODAY – unlike most suppliers, Aqua Essentials keep all their plants in stock. In fact they’re the largest plant supplier in the UK so you’re in safe hands.
ALGAE FREE – due to the way these aquarium plants are kept, they are algae and snail free. Whilst this is not a cast iron guarantee (only tissue culture can offer this) all the pots are kept above the water line which minimises any algae or snails.


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